Knights for Life Rosary Campaign

Rosary Campaign
June 24, 2021-Dec. 24, 2021


Vermont Knights of Columbus
Our Lady of Guadalupe Rosary

The Knights of Columbus State Council, with help from some private donors, is giving away 250 Rosaries! These are simple black Rosaries with a “JPII Cross” and with the K. of C. symbol and Our Lady of Guadalupe on the Rosary link. As we kick off this Rosary Campaign on the feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist, we pray for a respect for all life from conception to natural death, we pray for the restoration of human dignity in the laws of the state of Vermont, and for the rebuilding of a culture of life all around us. Request rosaries below, or just send a pledge to pray for the cause of life.

Please include the cause of Life in praying 50 Rosaries or more this year!

Send a message if you want an Our Lady of Guadalupe K. of C. Rosary mailed to you! The Rosaries and shipping costs are fully funded. In lieu of payment for our costs of this Rosary Campaign, please consider donating $25 or more to your nearest Pro-Life Pregnancy Center (see donor notes below), or to the Mobile Ultrasound program at Aspire Together.

Pledge 50 Rosaries to the Campaign.


Donating to Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

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