All donations should be made out to Knights of Columbus State Council,
and mailed to

State Deputy Steve Shover
106 Marions Way
Williston, VT 05495

Thank you!

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FAQ about the State Council Mobile Ultrasound Fund

  • What is is the purpose of the fund?
    • The Mobile Ultrasound Fund is for donations to obtain an ultrasound van for Aspire Together in Burlington. Contributions will be paid to the Vermont State Council, in fulfillment of pledges, when the Supreme Council has given final approval of the desired ultrasound van and machine. The State Council will then donate the collected funds to Aspire Together, covering the full cost of a van and ultrasound machine.
  • Does the Supreme Council help with ultrasound vans?
  • Is the Mobile Ultrasound Fund a state-wide project?
    • While the Vermont State Council is enacting and promoting the fund, the purpose is to acquire an ultrasound van for Aspire Together in Burlington. While the State Council encourages all local councils to consider this effort among their potential pro-life activities, donors must understand that the van will be owned and operated by Aspire Together. The van will be used by Aspire Together to the extent that their staffing and resources could realistically travel on a regular basis (e.g. near potential clients and/or abortion centers in Chittenden county, and neighboring counties at the farthest).
  • Is Aspire Together an appropriate pregnancy center for a Knights of Columbus Mobile Ultrasound initiative?
    • Aspire Together already includes ultrasounds in their regular services. They are situated in the location with the greatest populous of potential clients to benefit from programs with a mobile ultrasound, and they have a successful history of operation in Chittenden county. The current director and board are confident that sustained financial resources can be obtained for ongoing costs, if a program is begun with a donated mobile ultrasound van.
  • Are ultrasound vans effective?
    • Yes. Mobile ultrasound vans (e.g. here) give dedicated pro-life organizations the ability to reach pregnant women where they would not be coming to a pregnancy center home location. Ultrasound programs do not always change the minds and hearts when a woman has already decided to abort. But when a women is trying to decide whether or not to keep her baby (or give him/her up for adoption), the opportunity to see an ultrasound image of their baby is often a decisive factor in helping them choose life! Additionally, ultrasound van programs provide tremendous outreach potential to reach those who want to choose life, but who might not know where they can find support.
  • Are there other mobile ultrasound vans in use in Vermont?
    • No. If the State Mobile Ultrasound Fund and the Supreme Ultrasound initiative is successful in obtaining a outfitted van and suitable ultrasound machine, it would be the first in the state.

Pledge Card for partnering local councils.

If your K. of C. council might donate, please download a pledge card, here…

God bless!

Councils may create their own pledge letter, or contact Fr. Naples for an in-person visit to bring pledge cards and Mobile Ultrasound Fund materials.

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