How do I consider Pride Month? Can I engage with the LGBT community as a Christian?

Here I repeat the text of a commentary post shared on Facebook June 27th. The world is being remade in every direction at once. There were just everywhere re-energized celebrations of Pride Month. Then, the day I thought I would finish such-and-such letter to the editor, the Supreme Court Dobbs Vs Jackson decision overturned both …

The Language of Sex and Gender and Trans

It is not so much that trans advocates, or persons who take the identification of trans-man, or trans-woman, are picking a fight with the biological designations of genetic inheritance, reproductive capacities, or gamete functioning. They are claiming rather, by the use of the word “trans,” that these chemical or biological realities have no social importance and no desirable bearing or impact on their life. We may try to describe the claims as a-biological, verses anti-biological or anti-science.  They are moral claims, and not ontological claims.