Examination of Conscience for Parents of Teenagers

Examination of Conscience for Parents of TeenagersFriends Do I teach my teenage child to be caring towards all people? Do I pray that their relationship with the Lord Jesus will be the most important part of their life? Have I been responsible to know always what kind of people my teen spend time with?Have I […]

10 Reasons to have your marriage blessed by the Catholic Church

10 Reasons to have your marriage blessed by the Catholic Church10: Because you need God in your life. Period. When is the last time you did something with the specific intention of becoming a more devoted Christian, and regretted it? Even if you don’t really understand the Catholic Church’s idiosyncrasies about marriage, how on earth […]

You Are That Man: Reflections on Living as a Devout Catholic Man

Preface            These reflections were admittedly written with a vocational discernment perspective. That is, they were written thinking first of those men, particularly younger men, who have not yet chosen a permanent state in life. Thus, the details of married life, or the priesthood, or life relationships are treated rather generally. The idea was certainly not […]