Those By Whom God Rebuilt the House of David: In Honor of Saint Joseph, Righteous Man of Faith

Blessed Solemnity of Saint Joseph!  For lack of time to complete any other posts, yet wanting to get a move on the pieces I have in mind for, and to honor St. Joseph, I am posting some extended notes I made on themes in the Acts of the Apostles. Let us begin in the Acts chapter 15. At this juncture of […]


July 14, 2018Today I was reading the middle chapters of the Holy Gospel according to Luke. They are some of my favorites. The Gospel of the Prodigal Son was quite a challenge today. I know of that mercy which our Lord described. I have received that mercy which he shows. And yet, even more so […]

Ephesians 5:21-33

The Magisterium of the Church has faithfully preserved the tradition of sound Scriptural interpretation. Pope Benedict summarized the four necessary components of properly interpreting the scriptures in a February 2010 audience; “the literal or historical, the allegorical or Christological, the tropological or moral, and the anagogical, which orients a person to eternal life. Today it […]

The Commandments and Questions on Same-Sex Parenting

Fr. John Harvey, the founder of the admirable organization Courage, spoke at my seminary while I was doing graduate theology studies. He made a straightforward statement about the Bible and homosexuality that I noted well at the time. I have occasionally recalled his statement, and at times cross referenced it with other situations. I think […]