Dear Friends in Christ,

Find here my amateur video productions and lessons on the theme of the Scriptures and the Catholic faith. This page will be updated as much as possible to make use of these lessons.


       Videos…  (click to open in YouTube) 

The Bible, my story.  11 minute video.
Short introduction to Biblical Typology/Themes.  6 minute video.

Marathon through the Old Testament, Part I. 11 minute video.
Marathon through the Old Testament, Part II. 10 minute video.
     A longer continuous version is also available (sound recording not strong): 
     Marathon review of all Old Testament History24 minute video.

Biblical Brainstorm, six days of creation (1/3).*  15 minute video.
Biblical Brainstorm, Mary the New Eve (3/3).*  13 minute video.

      *Click here to download a picture of the Biblical Brainstorm

A tree, a virgin, and a fruit.  6 minute video.

The flood, the Arc, and the Rainbow.  10 minute video.

Father Abraham had many sons.  6 minute video.

Moses (part 1), The Passover and the Lamb10 minute video.

Moses (part 2), the Manna, the Rock, and the Sacraments. 12 minute video.


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