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State Chaplain’s Post State Convention Video Message (Downloadable)

June 9th Video Message from Father Naples, State Chaplain



Message 5/5/22

Brothers All,

   Please accept this follow up state chaplain’s message. It is in anticipation of the state convention, also adding some happy news.

Do look for the letter I wrote accompanying our bishop’s special appeal, mailed last month. With the appeal (which is meant to be considered by councils in the next fraternal year) came the announcement that significant gifts and pledges have already been made to launch the Knights of Columbus Catholic Ministries Donor Advised Fund: seed money from the State Council, donations from myself and other Knights, and the exceedingly generous pledge from Council 7525, as announced by the bishop. The letters and announcements are also accessible on [this] my personal blog: The convention will be a fruitful occasion to discuss these, and think of beneficiaries for the fund.

   I write here a repeated “thank you” in gratitude for the completion of the Mobile Ultrasound Project of the State Council!  While there have been long delays in getting the ultrasound van completed and shipped to Vermont, Aspire Together (now doing business as Aspire Now) will finally have the van this summer. Then they will put the mobile ultrasound program into action, with ongoing support from Knights and from many others.

   Let me also share the great news that Aspire Now has been blessed with a $25,000 matching pledge for all donations received in the month of May! This is providentially timed, since Aspire Now is in fact encountering those steep start up costs predicted for a mobile ultrasound inaugural year. Knowing of startup costs, but also the great matching pledge opportunity, I especially thank those Knights and community members who became regular donors to Aspire Now. Maybe new monthly donors are also to come.

   I commend all the Knights councils and individual members who support the other pregnancy centers. Special recognition goes to Barre Council 399 who took up my challenge to facilitate another K. of C. ultrasound initiative for a local pregnancy center. Providential timing on this project should soon result in Supreme Council’s funding of yet another new ultrasound machine in use in Vermont!

Let us continue to pray fervently for the pro-life cause in all its many needs and opportunities.

   Blessings all, in Christ,

Fr. Timothy Naples, State Chaplain 



Generic Purpose Letter from the Bishop, December 2021

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