On behalf of the State Council, and in conjunction with leading council supporters, State Chaplain Father Timothy Naples invites local councils to make donations to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington for an important and timely culture of life initiative.

As promised in Bishop Christopher Coyne’s June 24th message regarding the Dobbs Vs. Jackson Supreme Court Ruling, two pastoral letters will soon be printed and mailed: 

  • the other letter will explore and exhort all our efforts to build up a culture of life in Vermont, through parishes, through Vermont Catholic Charities, through every other individual and community effort.

The cost to mail these important pastoral letters directly to the congregants of our parishes is well over $10,000. 

We are happy to say that leading Knights of Columbus, both Councils and individual Knights, have pledged to give money to the Catholic Dioceses for these mailings, and these pledges already surpass $2,000!

Knights councils, or individual Knights, should make donations by means of checks payable directly to Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington 

  • Checks are made out to Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington with the memo “Culture of Life Initiative.”
  • The Diocese of Burlington is a 501c3 entity, therefore donations from individuals are tax deductible.

I invite councils to mail the checks to me so that I may present them in-person at the Diocesan offices, and so that a total figure of donations can easily be added up.

Mail to:
State Chaplain Rev. Tim Naples
160 Hinesburg Rd.
S. Burlington, VT 05403

I will be delivering the checks personally to the Diocesan offices and I will the keep the Knights updated.

The mailer is presently planned for the third week of August. 

Donations can be made even after such a diocesan mailing, but should all be completed by September 30th.

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